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Please be aware of our bike/gear requirements, event rules & policies.

What is the cost?

For 2021 pricing is currently $265.

Track days can be purchased here. IMG_5019-X3

* How do I get there?
Our track days and races are held at Mission Raceway Park.

The address for the track is:
32670 Dyke Road, Mission, BC

What is a typical schedule?
Gates open at 7:00AM with technical inspection of your bike and personal safety equipment, once completed proceed to registration. Registration closes at 8:00AM. All participants must attend a mandatory riders meeting following the close of registration. We strive to have riders on the track by 8:30AM! There will be at least 4 session groups that will rotate throughout the day in 15 minute sessions. We will have an hour break for lunch around noon and the day will end around 4:00PM.

The groups will be based on skill levels and our requirements. Typically we would have 4 groups: slow street, fast street, race and school. We reserve the right to change the groups to suit our requirements and those of our attendees as needed.

Can anyone attend?
Anyone with a class 6 motorcycle license can participate in our track days! Our track days cater to all levels of rider, from beginner to expert!

Can I camp at the track?
On the evening before a track day at meet us at the track!
At 6:00PM we will be at the track preparing our equipment for the big day.
You are welcome to spend the night at the track in return for lending a hand with the setup. If you haven’t been to the track before or are looking for a little more insight, participating in setup will give you the opportunity!

I want to learn how to be a better rider!
Awesome! We offer two programs to help you improve!

Our New Racer School is designed to welcome new track day enthusiasts and those who wish to come race with us! Graduates will know all the ins and outs of attending track days and eligible to register for a WMRC race license and race with us!

We also offer semi-private rider training on non-school track days. Where groups of three will spend the day working closely with an instructor to improve their skills.

What if it rains?
We run rain or shine. Sorry, we don’t offer refunds in the event of rain! Riding the in Lower Mainland… rain happens. A rain day offers a chance to become comfortable riding on a wet or damp road.
Riding a motorcycle in the rain can be fun too! A little wet… but still fun 🙂

What are the bike requirements?
We require you to have a motorcycle in good working condition. It will be required to pass a quick technical inspection. See here for the specific requirements.

What are the gear requirements?
You must have a reasonable amount of safe riding gear. This includes a full face helmet that is in good shape and conforms to safety standards, a proper riding suit (preferably leathers), full gauntlet style gloves, boots that cover the ankle and a hard shell back protector. Your gear will be required to pass a quick technical inspection. See here for more specific gear requirements.

What if I’m not sure and I don’t want to ride?
We are a volunteer based organization, as such there are volunteer opportunities available! You can volunteer to help corner worker and make the day safer for all riders. This can be a great place to start and a big help to us.

What should I bring with me?
Some things that are suggested you bring: Your identification including your care-card, extra fuel, water, a change of clothes, a hat, snacks, tools, a canopy, a chair, sunscreen, bug spray, spare gear such as visors and helmet, spare parts such as levers or foot pegs and of course, a friend!

Is this safe?
Unfortunately, there are inherent risks to riding a motorcycle.  However every precaution will be taken to ensure that your experience was fun and you leave one of our days hooked and wanting more.

In the case of an accident, Will I be insured by my motor vehicle insurance provider?
If you are concerned about whether or not any potential insurance claims would be accepted please contact your insurance provider in advance of attending and inquire. While our track days are not racing events, you should be aware that you are attending an event held on a closed circuit and your insurance provider may have specific rules regarding these claims.

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