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    Posting this here for everyone as a headsup.
    As we all know, the WMRC is switching to AMB transponders/timing system this year. We(mspeedPerformance) will have a few of the transponders for sale and a LIMITED number of transponders for rent. I highly suggest that if anyone needs to buy or rent one of these for this season they contact me and arrange it well before the first race weekend. Due to the cost of these transponders ($489 USD) , I will only have a few available and will run out by the time the race season starts. I have another order going in to AMB next week and I can add on some more units. IF we get an order of 10 or more there will be an 8%( I know it's not much, but better than nothing) discount available.
    Please contact me (via email preferably) if you want one of these.

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