AMB Timing System

Starting with the 2014 season the WMRC will be using the AMB timing system, as such in order to be scored you must be using an AMB transponder. Please don’t wait, get your AMB transponder now.



RACERS MUST HAVE A TRANSPONDER:  The WMRC would like to remind all of our racers that they will need a transponder to participate in WMRC events.  You cannot enter the track without a transponder working on your bike.  Our race control will be watching as we enter the track and will be recording transponder numbers to ensure that your transponder is working.   The reason behind this is that we want all racers who enter a race to be scored.  Can you imagine if you are in a race, and only a few racers have transponders while others are out there “just for fun”.  A racing incident occurs and someone  without a transponder takes out a racer with a transponder.  Now you have a situation where an effective nonracer has corrupted the outcome of a race and seasonal points.  For that reason alone, all racers competing must have a working AMB transponder.

SHARING: Our new system does not allow for sharing of transponders, as only 1 unit can be assigned to a racer. The WMRC has been using the AMB system since 2014, it is a benefit to all racers that they acquire their own transponder.

RENTALS: For the benefit of racers, we have negotiated with the Sports Car Club of BC to make available for rent to our racers their pool of AMB transponders. The SCCBC transponders will be available for rent only at the race day morning registation. There are a limited amount of transponders available and these are available on a first come, first served basis. Please keep in mind the rental is between you and the SCCBC and you will be expected to replace the transponder if it is lost or damaged.


Thanks for understanding and LET’S GO RACING!!!!

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