2021 Rulebook Changes

As the first round of the 2021 season nears, please take a moment to review the 2021 rulebook, in it’s entirety, as important changes to procedures and classes have been made.

You can find the rulebook here: https://www.wmrc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/WMRC-2021-Rulebook.pdf

Below is an attempt to summarize these changes.

1.5 Amended to include attending a track day (lapping day), or participate in the WMRC rider training.
1.5 a) Any rider under the age of 16 years will be limited to a motorcycle of no more than 250cc. Exceptions may be made upon application, review and approval, by the WMRC Executive Board.
2.11 Rules are in effect for the season
3.1 Graduated Novice classification removed
4.2.3 Red number plates for WMRC class champions
5.6.32 Addition of sharkfin type guard mounted to chain adjuster block
6.3.10 Riders aged 14-18 must wear CE 2 approved chest protector
7.2 Two lap time disqualifications before denied class entry
7.3 Removed motard handlebar restrictions
7.4 Was 320cc now 400cc twin cylinder 4-stroke
Exhaust restrictions removed
7.5 Now 600cc 20 years and older, was 636cc 15 years and older
7.11 Middleweight now 1994 and older up to 600cc, was 1993 to 575cc
Heavyweight now 1991 and older up to 601cc, was 1993 to 600cc
7.12 Lap times may not exceed 1:17.00, was 1:18.00
7.13 Two lap time disqualifications before denied class entry
7.14 Supersport rules apply to engine modifications
7.15 Belly pan must hold all engine oil
7.16 Added Open Classic Superbike class
12.22 False start offender now receives 5 second penalty in addition to back of grid
15 Starting procedure has changed

This list may be incomplete; This is no replacement for actually reading the rulebook.

Where a discrepancy exists between this list and the rulebook; the rulebook shall be taken as the source of truth.