Please read and understand any new technical requirements for racing as per the 2019 rulebook.

“Sharkfin” type device

For 2019 all motorcycles competing in the 2019 championship must have installed on their swingarm a sharkfin type device chain guard. 


Helmets must pass an inspection before they can be used on the track. In order to pass an inspection they must be:
-Snell 2015 or ECE.22.05 approved
-Within 5 years of manufacture date
-No visible damage
-Full face design

Once the helmet has been approved the tech sticker MUST be affixed to the helmet on the left side, under the visor.

Certification standards and the manufacture date are often found on a sticker inside the helmet under the liner. Take a moment to find the information on your helmet so as to confirm the information and so you know where it is located.

You will be required to have a completed Medical Data Carrier (MDC) affixed to your helmet. This MUST be next to the tech sticker on the left side under the visor.
Your first MDC is complimentary with the purchase of your 2018 license. If your require more they can be purchased from the club for $5.00.

Trackday riders – Having a MDC on your helmet is NOT required, but is RECOMMENDED.


As a new technical requirement for 2018 for both TRACKDAYS AND RACING we will not be allowing K&N spin on style oil filters. The risk of a dangerous failure with these filters is too great at this time to allow their use. If your motorcycle is using one of these filters you will not pass the required tech inspection.

August Track Day Registration is now Open!

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