Event Rules and Policies

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Please be aware of our bike/gear requirements and event rules & policies.



Each participant must be aware of all rules and policies for WMRC events:

a) All riders must sign wavers.

b) All riders must attend a MANDATORY riders meeting. No exceptions.

c) All riders must follow the rules set forth during the riders meeting.

d) A technical inspection must be performed of gear and equipment. All motorcycles must pass technical inspection prior to entering the track surface.

e) All riders must act in a responsible manner. Those engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior, including being physically or verbally abusive, will be asked to leave the grounds.

f) All passing must be done in a safe and controlled manner.

g) The consumption of alcohol during the hours of track day operation is strictly prohibited. This rule applies to both riding participants & their crew, family and friends. Anyone found to be consuming alcohol will be asked to leave the grounds.

Rule Infractions / Dismissal
There will be no refunds or credits issued if you are dismissed from the event due to rule infractions.

Decibel Level Policy
No machine at a WMRC event may exceed 88 dB at any time.
Many race tracks have a decibel level requirement that you must abide by, sadly Mission Raceway Park is no different.
WMRC does not check noise levels during technical inspection. IF track officials flag you for excessive noise and you are unable to bring your machine into compliance, your day will be forfeit with no credit.

Cancellation Policy
If you have to cancel your reservation to any WMRC track event:

a) Cancellations made less than 15 days prior to the event will receive no reimbursement.

b) 15 days or more prior to the event you may cancel for any reason and receive credit towards another WMRC track event.

c) WMRC event reservations are NON-TRANSFERRABLE. No exceptions.

d) WMRC events are held rain or shine.

Track Safety / Severe Weather Policy
WMRC officials will determine whether on-track activities are safe for the event to be held. This is to insure the safety of all participants.
If conditions are judged to pose undue risk to the health and safety of participants and on-track activities cannot take place:

If no on track activity has taken place:

a) Riders who have signed in will receive a 100% credit towards any other WMRC event (space provided).

b) Riders who have not signed in will receive no credit.

If on track activity has taken place:

a) WMRC officials will make every possible effort to restart on-track activities as soon as conditions allow.

b) Riders will receive no credits.