Gear & Bike Requirements

These links will assist you in understanding your responsibilities in planning and preparing for your WMRC track day or race school.

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Please be aware of our bike/gear requirements and event rules & policies.



The following is intended for attendees of WMRC track days and racing schools. For the rules and requirements to race with the WMRC please refer to the WMRC Rule Book.

Riding Gear:


All gear must be in safe operating condition and pass a quick technical inspection.

Full Face Helmet with Visor
Within 5 years old, no visible damage.
Acceptable helmet ratings: Snell  M2015 or ECE-22-05.

Riding Suits
Full Leathers are recommended. (one piece or two piece with a “360 degree” zipper”)
“360 degree” zip together full textile armoured riding suits may be accepted.
Only full leathers will be accepted for race schools

Leather riding or racing gloves. Gloves must extend to cover the wrists.

Leather riding or racing boots that cover the ankles.

Back Protector
A separate CE level 2 back protector that extends from the shoulders to the tailbone must be worn.


Bike Preparation:

Your motorcycle must be in safe operating condition and pass a quick technical inspection.

For track days we want you on the track and understand that you most likely will be riding your bike to and from the track. As such, we offer a minimal bike preparation:

A motorcycle in good condition with no fluid leaks or obvious mechanical damage of any kind. The motorcycle must be in roadworthy condition and must be operating correctly. It must have a functioning kill switch.

As a new technical requirement for 2018 for both TRACKDAYS AND RACING we will not be allowing K&N spin on style oil filters. The risk of a dangerous failure with these filters is too great at this time to allow their use. If your motorcycle is using one of these filters you will not pass the required tech inspection.

Removed or taped up lights, signals, license plate and mirrors.

Tires in good, safe condition.

For track days and schools we will allow antifreeze. However if you are planning on doing multiple track days or schools we strongly urge you to use a substitute non-glycol based coolant such as water wetter.
If you intend on racing – ANTIFREEZE IS NOT ALLOWED.

Please note Mission Raceway has a sound limit.

Decibel Level Policy
No machine at a WMRC event may exceed 88 dB at any time.
Many race tracks have a decibel level requirement that you must abide by, sadly Mission Raceway Park is no different.
WMRC does not check noise levels during technical inspection. IF track officials flag you for excessive noise and you are unable to bring your machine into compliance, your day will be forfeit with no credit.

Every effort will be taken to try and ensure that you can remain riding but you must be aware certain motorcycles with aftermarket exhaust can have difficulties with the sound limit.

If you think you may be too loud, if possible use a stock exhaust silencer or purchase a db reducing plug or baffle such as a DB killer to insert into your exhaust in advance.

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