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    Haves tonnes of left over ZX6r parts from my 07-08 race bike. some stuff will fit 09-12 generation.

    Rear wheel (2007-2012) 200$

    Kit cams 200$

    Attack race bodywork 285$
    Repaired and primered, ready for paint

    Attack rear sets (2007-2012) 220$
    Folding toe pegs, carbon heal guards, bit of rash on one foot peg

    Renthal 14th ft sprocket (2007-2012) 20$
    Brand new still in package

    A bunch of extra zx6r parts. 20$ eachWill do a combined deal. All parts are great condition unless specified:
    Passenger seat
    rear caliper
    ft axle
    rear axle
    wiring harness
    passenger peg (ill have to check which side)
    stock cams
    air box
    stock header
    stock muffler
    tail light
    regulator rectifier
    stator cover
    clutch cover
    starter & gear drive cover
    Valve cover
    radiator fan
    Airfilter (brand new, stock)
    14th front sprocket (brand new in package)
    Rear rotor
    Ft brake master cylinder
    Rear brake master cylinder
    Rear shock
    09 oem velocity stack (dual bore)
    Rear brake lever

    I have some parts here that ill let go for 40$

    Throttle bodies
    Cylinder head

    Also have a completely disassembled engine if an internal parts are req.

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