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    :) Hi Everyone, I went on vacation and while I was gone for the week my 2003 WR250 was stolen from my place,

    I had just brought in some new OEM parts to spruce it up and now they are sitting here,

    These WR250F models remain pretty much unchanged since 2003 to fairly current models,

    Anyone with a 2003 WR250 that needs any of these parts for their bikes, let me know at b.layton@svracingparts.com

    I have 2 of new rear fenders and some decals to go with them, Looking for $25 each all in with some decals,


    I needed a complete Yamaha OEM Odometer Gauge for the WR250 with Speedometer Cable and all the mounts, brackets, bolts, clips etc to install as per OEM Fiche, $50 all in for everything,


    I have a good condition Shop Repair and Service Manual for the 2003 WR250F up, $25


    Email me Directly for these parts at b.layton@wvracingparts.com and I will get together with you on these parts right away,

    Anyone need a used front fender, they can have it for free,

    Enjoy the ride, and best regards,

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