XT GPX Pro GPS Lap Timer Super Deal

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    Sold XT GPX Pro GPS Lap Timer Super Deal Sold

    :) I have Sold the One Only of the Racer Designed, XT Racing, GPX PRO GPS Lap Timer - Receiver Units in stock and ready to ship to you, Sold

    Email me Directly for it at b.layton@svracingparts.com

    $650 All in, Shipped Free Direct to your Door, All Costs already included in the price.

    The GPX Pro isn't just a lap timer; it's a professional-grade racing tool with the club racer's budget in mind.


    The GPX Pro is versatile enough to log the data a racer wants while being adaptable enough to handle many different forms of racing. With the GPX, you don't have to wonder if it was designed for your kind of racing. At up to 5 channels of data acquisition and with four separate racing modes, the GPX assures that if it can be raced, a GPX belongs on it.

    The GPX is literally jam packed with features previously found in models hundreds of dollars more expensive.


    8 Adjustable LED RPM and shift lights

    Built in GPS receiver/antenna or optional external antenna

    Each stored lap contains the following information:

    * Time of the lap, accurate to 1/100 second
    * Date and time of the lap
    * The track (or other identification) of the lap
    * A unique session identifier (to differentiate each race or practice session)
    * An indication if was the best lap of that session

    Extensive customization via easy-to-use English menus:

    * Laps per race/session: 1-99 or do not count (lap countdown)
    * Minimum lap time: 1-250 seconds
    * Lap hold time (time the lap display is frozen at the end of a lap): 1-250 seconds
    * Display contrast/brightness setting: 31 levels
    * Enter name of track or other identification (stored with each lap): up to 12 characters
    * Option to display, at end of race, the first lap of session, the last lap of session or the fastest lap of session
    * Enable or disable the green/red flashing LED
    * Auto turn-off time: 1-30 minutes
    * Enable or disable the auto-turn-on feature
    * Easily set the current date and time
    * Enter 1 or 2 lines of personalization information: up to 20 characters per line
    * Quick deletion of all stored laps
    * Device reset to factory settings

    Device can be personalized with 2 lines of data: e.g.,

    Your Name: SV Racing Parts
    Your Contact information: info@svracingparts.com
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