WTT: US Size 48 Alpinestars Leathers

Discussion in 'Accessories & Parts' started by Jesse36, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Based on the photos I saw at Bernie's Daytona party, it looks like there are a few racers out there that put on a few pounds over the off season and will no longer fit their leathers in May. I've got a US size 48 1 piece Alpinestars RC-1 suit that I'm looking to trade for a sz 46 (or possibly even sz 44) suit of approximately similar value. It's got the usual scuffs from being raced and crashed a handful of times, but overall is still in good shape.

    I'm looking to get back on the bike and at least do a track day or two this year, but have lost quite a bit of weight since my racing days. Let me know what you guys have!


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