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Discussion in 'General Racing Chat' started by Georgie G, Sep 1, 2015.

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    Hello Fellow members,

    Just wanted to fill you all in on some recent developments.

    • I’ve been contacted by the Richmond Oval in regards to having a race bike on display for their “Vehicles in Motion” program which has a focus on motorcycle racing. They are looking to either purchase or receive a donation motorcycle to be put on display. I’ve also proposed the idea of having some of our local motorcycle shops and sponsors loan one of their bikes for a short term and have their shop and WMRC info displayed on the bike. Please contact Kristina Macdonald at kmacdonald@therox.ca or call 778 296 1456 for more info.

    • I’ve also been contacted by two wheels TV, a network solely dedicated to motorcycle related programing. They were inquiring about wanting to broadcast our racing series on their network. Furthermore, they are partnered with a motorcycle production team that could help us get on the air. I believe this to be a great step forward for the club and its sponsors, as well as raising the awareness and popularity of motorcycle racing in North America.

    • September 19th is our last WMRC Track day of the year and I look forward to seeing a lot of our racers down for a little shaking off the cobwebs after our long break.

    • September 20th is our last race round and yes it will be sunny, (I’ve talked to the gods!). We’ve got Ted Shannon announcing once again who always makes our racing fun and exciting for both racers and fans. Still some deciding points to be had in several classes, good luck to all! Looking forward to an exciting weekend as well as an even more exciting hay bale removal party after the racing is done.

    Your friendly neighborhood WMRC!
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    I recall a few years back the Walthers had to find another place for Tom's superbike after (I think) the Deeley museum needed it removed. Anyone know where it is now?

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