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    Those that were at the riders meeting on Sunday heard new information that was provided regarding the sound limit at Mission Raceways.
    It is now my unfortunate responsibility to remind all of you that nothing has changed ; the sound limit that is used for WMRC events as defined by our rule book is still set at 88db

    In order to keep racing healthy and viable at Mission Raceways it is important that we all do our best to control the noise pollution and keep the surrounding neighbors happy. Normally because of how we operate within the constraints of limit we usually don't have all that many issues with excessive noise. A few here and there, yes, it does happen.
    Please consider the morning practice sessions a failed experiment as shortly after the announcement was made the noise from the bikes on track increased significantly. This resulted in a number of complaints not only from the surrounding neighbors but also even from our own volunteers and a number of bikes being pulled off the track.

    As you may be aware there is a variance between what the club has set as it's sound limit and what is allowed by the track. By aiming for below the absolute limit as defined by the track the intention is that this allows us to have some leniency in enforcing the sound limit.
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