WMRC Race #6 August 14, 2010

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    Hello Racers and Racing Fans,

    I am sorry for the long wait. I have been very busy with work and been taking time in optimizing our (Sandy's and My) racing pictures for superior quality in detail. I hope this pays off.

    This is only the Race #6 only. I hope to get Race #7 done in a week.

    I understand there has been numerous requests for our pictures. Sandy and I will do our best to note your Racing Number and get more pictures of you and your bike. Please be patient.

    Here are some pictures which caught my eye on that day.

    Note: Some of the picture comments are pure sarcasm. :jk::jk::jk:

    The wake of racing day... the smell of coffee and gasoline, a complete racer's breakfast.

    Some racers showing off at the paddock of #987 and #911.

    What is Michelle and Nancy excited about?

    Got to keep those tires well pumped!

    Spero is extremely focused on getting Michelle's bike right!

    Ken seems really awake for his upcoming race.


    Ken does a wheelie over the finish line.

    Ken gets congratulated by Doris.

    In memory of Gerhard & Doris Walther's son.

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