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    Hey Everyone,

    As was announced at the December General Meeting, the WMRC will begin accepting PayPal payments in 2013. This will provide an easier, faster and more secure transaction for people who are unable to be at certain events, or who prefer to make their purchases online. PayPal will cost us more per transaction than debit or credit cards, but there is no monthly fee like there is with the debit machine. PayPal charges us 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, the debit and credit card transactions vary depending on the card used, but are approx 2.5% on average plus a $70/month charge for the machine rental.

    We will accept PayPal for any club transaction including race licences, banquet tickets, pre-payment for race day fees, fundraiser tickets, club donations, etc.
    The only execption will be payments made on race day at the race track.

    Anyone who has pre-paid their entry fees will be able to by pass the payment line at registration. We are still finalizing how this will work, and trying to set-up a printable tech slip, but there will be a pre-paid line where you just show your PayPal receipt and check in with John to make sure you are registered in the correct classes and verify your information for timing and scoring.

    The PayPal email address will be : wmrctreasurer@gmail.com


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