WMRC Meeting Minutes June 10, 2013

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    General Meeting
    June 10, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.
    Ricky’s Restaurant, Langley, BC

    Scott Borthwick, President
    Ken Lalonde, Vice President
    Jayson Lynch, Treasurer
    Dean Drolet, Past President
    Bez Cajee, Promotions
    7 members


    President Scott Borthwick called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

    2. FINANCIAL REPORT – Jayson Lynch

    The WMRC currently has $24,000 (net) in its bank account. The Club earned about $4000 in revenue on the first race weekend, but lost about $2500 on the second race weekend.

    3. PROMOTIONS REPORT – Bez Cajee

    The Promotions team is currently updating the WMRC riders’ email lists and creating Facebook events.

    Spero Benias is working with Promotions to organize a WMRC fundraising event to be held in August.

    Currently, Spero Benias is the points leader for the Pazzo Cup. The winner of the Pazzo Cup will be presented with a cheque at the year-end banquet. The details about the Pazzo Cup on the WMRC web site will be reviewed.

    More riders have requested rider BIOs to be inserted in the program for the next race weekend. The cost for the BIO is $25 for the entire weekend.

    All Honda riders in the Western Canadian 250 Gold Cup Series must sign-up with a participating Honda dealer for eligibility of Honda prizes for the 250 Gold Cup Series riders.

    The Ducati team including Ken (and Gail) Lalonde, Bez Cajee and Anthony Basic participated with Vancouver Ducati at a booth on Commercial Drive during “Italian days”. Over 100,000 people attended the event and it was a great opportunity to promote the sport of motorcycle racing and the WMRC.

    a. Track Manager – Mike Thompson
    The track tear-down at the last race weekend went very well and was complete in about one hour due to the help of many volunteers / riders; however, there were only 7 people to help with set-up, which does have more support when the West Coast Superbike School has a track day prior to the race weekend. Twenty (20) people would be ideal for set-up. Mike will develop a list of volunteers and their emails with Pam Black, the WMRC Volunteer Coordinator.

    There has been very little interest from Novice riders to have Mike sign off on the paperwork for their volunteer hours completed. All paperwork must be signed off on the day the volunteer time is earned. (Several Novice riders have brought their paperwork to Bez Cajee for his signature).

    Jayson Lynch and Mike will be repairing the air fence in turn two this week.


    i) Gate: a gate person is required for the June race weekend.
    ii) Licensing: no new race licenses have been requested, but there is a race school prior to the next race weekend in June. Riders that pass the race school are eligible to get their race license on that weekend.
    iii) Sound Violators: there is a request on the WMRC forums from a rider travelling from Vancouver Island that would like a refund if his bike does not pass the sound requirements. His license cannot be refunded, but his race fee can be.
    iv) Track Walk: Anthony will contact Bernie Ryan regarding the 2013 Track Walk to help organize the event, which is a fundraiser for BC Children’s Hospital Oncology ward. The event will take place, weather permitting, on Saturday, June 29th. Promotions will send Duncan Fraser a letter asking for Honda’s participation and Mr. Fraser will follow-up with Honda Canada.
    v) Supplementary Rules: Dean Drolet will be producing the supplementary rules for race days and they will be reviewed at the riders meeting.


    July 8, 2013


    The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

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