WMRC Awards Banquet November 6, 2010

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    Hello Racers and Race Fans,

    It was a pleasure for me and my father to be present at the Awards Banquet. Thank you for letting us be there. We had good time and it was great to see racers win their big awards!

    Here are a few samples from that evening:











    There were so many other memorable moments and it is not possible to put all of them here, but you can check out my website:


    The photography was a bit challenging with the crowded space, but hopefully we can make better arrangements for next year.

    For those who are still considering in ordering pictures from us, the pictures will be up until the end of this year. I hope that will give you enough time to select your pictures as their 9 full rounds of great racing... most of which were in the rain and now the awards banquet! We will need to make space for next year... so order soon and order more as I can give a better discount with more pictures ordered.

    Please e-mail me for details.

    Best wishes to everyone and have a great holiday season... Take care and see you all next racing season!

    Raymond and Sandy.

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