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    WMRC Annual General Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2016
    Members: 23
    Non members: 5
    In addition to:
    Jason Hanson – President
    Brett Hanson – Treasurer
    Steve McKenna – Vice President
    Jay Tait – Promotions
    Andrew Marles – Past President
    Pam Black – Secretary

    Meeting was called to order at 7:55 by Jason Hanson.

    Minutes from the 2015 Annual General Meeting were read by Jason Hanson. Motion to accept was made by Joseph Therrien, seconded by Allan Hay.

    President’s Report:

    Jason stated that it was a year filled with the usual challenges, but that overall, the year was a success. The track days and race school continue to thrive, with the greatest product of the success being an increase to our membership. We tried a few new things this season including discounted fees for one round, and trophy races another round. Overall we saw healthier grids, some very close racing, and finished the year with a financial buffer for next season.

    Treasurer Report:

    Brett Hanson advised that as of November 1, 2015 our bank balance was $25,997.76. As of November 1, 2016, our balance is $49,230.57. Our expenses for 2016 were $121,144.16 and our annual income for 2016 was $139.285.16 for an increase of $18,141.00 to our bank balance. In addition to our other expenses, we spent $3,471.19.

    The meeting was handed over to Joseph Therrien to chair the elections portion of the evening.

    Jay Tait nominated Spero Benias for Promotions Director, Spero declined.
    Nick Dudziak nominated Allan Hay for Vice President, Allan Hay accepted. There were no further nominations for Vice President.

    Niky Furtado volunteered to fill the role of Associate Promotions Director

    As there were no further nominations for executive roles, your 2017 WMRC executive reads as follows:

    Jason Hanson – President

    Allan Hay – Vice President

    Brett Hanson – Treasurer

    Jay Tait – Promotions Director

    Pam Black – Secretary

    Niky Furtado – Associate Promotions Director

    New Business:

    A motion was made by Spero Benias proposing a committee be appointed to research the legal and financial steps required to change the name of the WMRC to “ BCMC Racing Association”. This motion was seconded by Anthony Basic. There was some discussion on the matter, with concerns being raised about the potential legal ramifications of a name change from “club” to “association” being that our constitution was written based on the former. A vote was taken, with a 2/3 majority voting in favor of the committee being appointed. The duties of this committee are to explore all legal and financial issues regarding the proposed name change, with respect to the Societies Act, our constitution, our bylaws, and our status as a Not For Profit. Volunteers for this committee are: Jay Tait, Spero Benias, Niky Furtado, George Fillis, Lou Veneziano.

    At such time as the Committee is able to present a business case for the name change and all appropriate investigation has been completed, a 14 day notice will be sent advising the membership of a Special Meeting to be held for the purpose of the vote for a name change.

    George Fillis made a suggestion that we form a “members only” Facebook page to be used for club discussion, rather than utilizing the forums. It was mentioned in discussion that not all members use, or want to use, FB, and that we already have 2 FB pages and a 3rd might be excessive.

    George also took a moment to thank our outgoing Vice President, Steve McKenna for his hard work and commitment to the 2016 executive.

    The motion to adjourn was made by John Cathie at 8:30 pm, seconded by Allan Hay.

    Minutes submitted by Pam Black.
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    I've accumulated some information with respect to the steps required for a name change. I will forward to Jason to distribute to the relevant parties.

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    I Think Dean is gonna start riots on the island

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