Who is the Honda Centre ?

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    The Honda Centre

    The Honda Centre sells and services Honda Motorcycles, Honda Marine, and Honda Power Equipment. It is a privately held corporation owned and presided over by Frankie Juhan. The company was incorporated by Frankie's dad, Franta Juhan, in 1965.

    Why Honda?

    Franta Juhan was a motorcycle speedway champion when he opened his first motorcycle shop in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1938

    Franta became a successful entrepreneur after immigrating to Canada, but he really wanted another motorcycle shop. So, he started looking!

    In the early sixties, Honda was in it's infancy in North America and with his many contacts throughout the world of motorsports, Franta would have been welcomed as a dealer for any brand of motorcycle. His lifelong love of the sport was not to be denied.

    His racing heritage drew him to Honda. He knew the engineering marvels winning races on the World Stage, would eventually filter down to Honda's production products.

    As we know today, that was an astute observation. In the early sixties however, it was risky, as the market was dominated by British and American brands. He chose Honda for many of the reasons you do today, Honda provides clean, efficient, well engineered, reliable transportation. The fact that, Honda used racing, as part of its engineering process endeared them to him. His belief in the eventual use of that best in world technology filtering down into production motorcycles convinced him that Honda, was going to be a world leader in transportation.

    Today after 48 years of selling and servicing Honda, we agree

    We opened our doors to the public at 145 Robson Street in Vancouver where we stayed for 28 years before relocating to our present location in Burnaby at 3766 E1st (at Boundary).

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