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    Hey guys, this is a bit early but i thought i would bring this up and just try to get a feel for thoughts on it... There has been talks and the possibility of getting the WCC back up and running.

    The initial thoughts would be to do a four race series, with 4 tracks.. 2 races would have to be mixed in a weekend with the WMRC and EMRA (the exec haven't had a chance to even see if this is yet an option) however there would be no point to get things going if there wasn't sufficient support.

    To make things fair, the chances that the CSBK is returning to western canada next year is very slim, and maybe even the year after, and even if they do, to do one race near home then base the rest of your summer 36hrs away is a tough pill.

    There are a few top Pro riders that have been discussing the possibility of making a WCC series a reality. It would possibly start slow but the thought is to grow it to a stage to challenge any National series. Payouts, prizes, contingency, media (possibly online TV style coverage), and possibly getting more of the manufactures involved.

    Now the thoughts are to run same classes as the CSBK, Pro Superbike, Pro 600, Amateur Superbike, Amateur 600, and possibly a 300 series (not limited to any brand of bike, just smaller bikes).

    The thoughts would be to do an early race nearer the ocean, maybe april, then a round with the WMRC, one with EMRA and then a late season possibly Sept, or Oct for the final.

    Now like I said, this is ALL talk right now. Period. Between a couple guys, however if we get an idea of amount of riders that would be interested in a series like this we can make a better idea whether to pursue or to not. This would require travel for everyone, however it is all at least under 15hrs max, and all out west. Our goal is to make a "next level" for riders to make the jump, get some interest in more racers from other clubs maybe even some US riders.

    Now there is a ton of logistics that both clubs would have to look at, and I am not saying that anyone has talked, but like i said, if there was some interest then i think it would show whether this is even viable or not.

    A full National series would be nice, however to race the CSBK, 100% now and even in future 90% will be out east, and i think with the tracks we have and ones that are coming out west there could be an equally competitive series out here.

    Id like people to please be respectful, this isn't for people to say how to do this or this club should do this or that, it is simply for judging interest at this point. I do not want to offend any of either clubs exec, or volunteers or sponsors.

    (Copied from Mike Zottmann)
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    I like the idea, and would participate.
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    Love it!!
    I think we should name it WCMRC (Western Canadian Motorcycle Racing Championship).
    We need it to be instantly recognizable to everyone, even people that don't know anything about motorcycle racing. This would also help in getting companies to sponsor the series in some form or another.

    After Area 27 has taken care of the safety concerns and has their Grand Opening in June we can approach them about holding racdays there.

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