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Discussion in 'General Racing Chat' started by DEFBOY35, May 13, 2014.

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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone form the WMRC and all of the volunteers and riders. Had another great time (even though the rain and I did not get along this year) had some fun battles with a few of you out there and gave it a good go at chasing some fast riders!

    also can not wait to see all the photographers photos! looking forward to buying a few. so many of you out there!
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    Awesome having you guys here Shane! There was so many photographers because they knew that Team Alberta was coming to town. ;-)

    It really sucks about Justin. I was looking forward seeing if I had anything for him in the races, but as he put it he "tried to win practice". The highside didn't look all that bad but we all know how these things can fricken go.

    Get better soon Justin! And soften that shock up!

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