TWO 1999 ZX6R Race Bikes and parts - Setup for Mission $3000

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Jared Damon, Nov 4, 2011.

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    I have two 2000 ZX6Rs that are setup for the track. They basically match so you can switch and swap parts between the two.

    I am out of racing and do not want to store for the winter![​IMG]

    One is Kawi green and the other is black. Variety of aftermarket parts across the two; both have clipons, one has case covers, steering stabalizer (Ohlins), piazzo levers. One machine needs repair to upper fairing (see extra parts list below). Green bike has 8 laps (mission) on new tires.

    In addition to the bikes, have lots of extra parts.
    2 titanium exhausts, 1 stock can, 1 muzzy can, 1 M4 Titanium, 1 set extra wheels with rain tires, 1 extra frame, 2 lower fairings, 1 upper fairing, 1 extra carb setup, 1 extra gas tank, sprocket

    Two race stands included, no trailer included.

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