TwinBros WMRC Round 3 & 4 Photos

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    Photos from Round 3 & 4 of the WMRC championship this weekend:!i=2508968796&k=7nv8Gkc

    A couple friends had some hard falls, but they're tough guys and they'll be fine. Hope to see them out at the next round, heal up quick!

    Many thanks are due to the volunteers who took the time to come out and help make it safe for us to race. Without your help we can't compete, so thank you! If you've ever thought about helping please do, we need all the help we can get.

    A big thanks goes to Jason's awesome wife, Jac who spent her Mother's day in turn 1 working. He's very lucky that she's so understanding of his obsession with turning money into noise.

    We'd also like to thank mspeedPerformance for all the help, support and bad jokes and to the WCSS crew for their hospitality. Sorry, we couldn't eat more steak.


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