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    May 13, 2011
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    Tim and i just got back from the 2fast trackday, fri apr. 13th. Wow! what a fun track to ride, such a wide variety of hills, turns and speeds. My neck hurts today from all the buffiting at high speeds. A difficult track to learn, it has several blind rises before bends where you have to look for landmarks or trees to set up for the corner. I was having trouble finding something in one section and i caught my self lining up to a small low cloud in the horizon. Wait a minute........... For the guys coming down for the Motofit weekend, the paved pits will only hold half the set ups, the rest will be on graded dirt. Track stands dont work and a real mess even in a dewwy morning. As far as gearing, my 600 i use 15/46 at mission to redline in 5th at the end of the main straight. At the Ridge i used 16/46 to redline in 6th at the fastest part. It will be good to see some of you guys down there that weekend. Randy.

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