SV Racing Parts, 2017 Series Tire Warmers

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    SV Racing Parts, 2017 Series Tire Warmers, WMRC Member Pricing in Canadian $ Special!

    :) Hi Everyone, SV Racing Parts, 2016 Series Tire Warmers are Race Day or Track Day Perfect!!

    If you are looking for a set of Superb Quality Tire Warmers at an Awesomely Good Price for WMRC Members then The SV Racing Parts Tire Warmers are for you.

    With the Canadian $ where it is and no sign of it picking up value for you anytime soon these prices at $250 Canadian Dollars including Shipping to WMRC Club Members and New Track Day Riders alike will be honored for the 2017 Season or until all current inventory is sold out so don't procrastinate too long!!

    You will not find a better tire warmer at a better price for you or your bike anywhere!!

    These are Excellent Parts that will serve you well.

    I have them here in stock and ready to ship to you today,

    Email me Directly at No PM Please, and I will get you looked after right away.

    $250 Canadian $, Shipped to your door is an awesomely good price on these warmers. You will be happy with them.

    SV Racing Parts, 2017 Series 3 Way Temperature Adjustable Racing Tire Warmers are in stock for the 180 - 190 Series as well as the 200 Series Tire Warmers.

    $250, All In Canadian $ for you,

    The Set Includes Front and Rear Tire Warmers with a great looking Carrying Bag to make storage and Transportation easy,

    These are the World Class Tire Warmers that I am shipping to racers in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, The UK, and the EU as well as all across Canada and the USA; They are very well received everywhere and Perform as well as any other Top Level Tire Warmers,

    Here is a side by side heat imaging comparison of my SV Racing Parts, Tire Warmers on the left showing very uniform heat distribution due to the way I am having them manufactured compared to another more expensive top brand on the right with the conventional wiring commonly used by others.


    $250 Canadian $ Shipped to your door anywhere in Western Canada

    The adjustable settings allow you to safely heat both Race Tires and Rain Tires Properly and Save and Control Your Tires Heat Cycles in-between sessions at the same time.


    Set your Tire Temperatures at your Manufacturers Recommended Temperatures and Focus on the Track.

    Carrying Bag is included. It is sized for two tire warmers to fit into ready for packing and storage.

    Super Value on High Quality Digital Tire Warmers Built to Perform for Champions.

    Also Available in SuperBike: 120/200 Size for 195 Dunlop Ntec or 200 series Pirelli and Michelin ,

    120/180-190 Size In Stock at these prices.

    Available in 120/160 Series for SV650, Ninja 650, F3 - F4 - F4i, and SuperMoto, 120/150 -160 sizing,

    I also have them in stock for the small bike sizes for 17 inch wheels if you are running the 250 cc classes,

    Running the CBR 125R or MiniMotards with 17 Inch Wheels, I have the 125 Series Warmers for you in stock as well.

    If you are into the KAYO MiniGP MR125 Mini-Bike 12 Inch Wheels or have any bike with 12 inch wheels I have these sizes in stock and ready to ship as well.


    Going Flat Track Racing and need 19 Inch Tire Warmers? In stock and ready to ship as well.

    Let me know the tire sizes you use and Email me Directly at

    We Ship all over Canada Every Day, Visit me know at

    Let me know whenever you are ready, I will get you looked after right away,

    Enjoy the ride, and best regards,

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