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    We're in the early stages of putting together a Suspension School that would likely run at the Aug 19th Track Daze. It will be open to both trackday riders and racers.

    The cost of the school TBD. *ALL proceeds will go towards the new AMB timing system fund for the WMRC*

    The groups for the Track Daze will run as usual as we do not want to interfere with Troy & Gio's day.

    There'll be a Sag Setting Seminar either the day before at Track Setup or maybe we'll put one together a few days before that.

    At the school we'll be going through the full range of settings on Compression Damping & Rebound Damping for both forks & shock. This will give everyone a really good understanding how the bike feels with different settings.

    I have said it before...suspension is EVERYTHING!...just ask Jayson Lynch or Ryan Whittle.
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