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    In going through the rulebook it occured to me that now that we are using the starting lights instead of the flag to start races the new starting procedure needed to be included.
    As such It has now been added.

    As this is still a relatively new procedure I would like everyone to please review this procedure and ensure that you are absolutely clear on it by the time you hit the grid on opening day.

    The starting lights procedure is as follows:

    A) As the racers take to the track for their warm up lap the red starting lights located at the starters towers will be on and the national flag displayed.

    B) Racers take their grid positions.

    C) Once all racers are in their positions, the starter will remove from sight the national flag. This is the signal to racers that the start of the race is imminent.

    D) When the red lights go out, the race starts.

    E) ABORTED START: If there is a problem on the grid after the flag has been removed, the red lights will continue to be displayed and the starter will bring the national flag back out. Both the national flag and the red lights will continue to be displayed until
    either the problems on the grid have been resolved or all racers have been directed to return to the pits and have left the grid.

    Once again please read and make sure you understand this procedure.


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