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    Why do we ban aftermarket exhaust on 600's if there is a zero tolerance policy then why does it matter how we achieve the goal. either we pass or we don't. logic doesn't seem to prevail here. rules need to make sense and this one doesn't.
    for most of us sticking enough shit in the end will quiet us down enough vs not coming out at all. last year we failed the experiment with aftermarket systems but they were not modified. ( db killer etc ).
    This rule should be scrapped now and replaced with the disclaimer that "usually only stock pipes pass sound."

    for the record " I am not complaining about the DB limit just the stock can rule"

    also "stock exhaust" .....stock for what.. R6's are running half a GSXR can(not the muffler under the bike) and so on. it's a silly rule that hurts attendance

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