September general meeting minutes

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    Jay tait


    8 members

    two non-members

    Meeting called to order at 1911

    Previous minutes read by Jason hanson

    motion to accept minutes as read: Andrew, Jay Tait

    New business arising from minutes:

    Treasurer's report

    August expenditure was $4900 (get details from Brett)

    Income: 15247.70 plus paypal, $17,047.70 in total.

    Current net balance is 52340.45

    Promotions report

    2016 was successful. Get Jay to fwd his blurb.


    Brett mentioned that we used to put rider bios on the forums. Would be a good way to push traffic to the forums.

    Trackintel was down, Brett got in touch and it is back up. Trackintel does not know why it went down. They are still yet to bill us. We are thankful that the outage didn't happen during the season or events. It was not

    New business

    We are considering switching to a new timing system. In 2016 we had a lot of issues during our race days with timing and scoring. John has been running TI and Orbitz side by side with help from Cam T. We have heard from Timing and Scoring that we should consider using Orbitz. It would be a new registration program and a new timing program. We would have to evaluate a new system against our needs for pre-registration/registration. When it works, TI is good. We'd have to evaluate how we would track laptimes etc. with a new system. We don't know what it would display for a profile. Both sides need to be evaluated.

    Jason mentioned that we'd be using two programs if we switched. We'd have to use Orbitz for timing and another application for registration (likely

    Questions were asked about how to improve the speed of registration. The main thing is a lack of pre-registration. There is no reason not to pre-register since no money is charged until race day. We would also like to add a pre-registration lineup but we need more manpower to help ease confusion in the morning. We also could do more pre-registration the night before if we could find people to set up and run the equipment after or during track setup.

    Trackintel also changes things in the background and that can sometimes hold people up.

    We need to set a pre-registration deadline with some kind of incentive. Jay suggested that we might offer pre-registration at the bike show. Norm Hayes pointed out that the PCMRC offers a pre-registration incentive (no refunds).

    We're always trying to improve, and that is why we're trying to move to a new system next year.

    Allan Hay mentioned that Airfence has been repaired and dropped off at the track. Allan Hay ran through some of the costs for repairing the airfence. We have some extra valves to go with the repair. $250 per valve to replace. We also have spares for the old style valves for the older airfence. The exec is very satisifed with the service we received from GA Checkpoint.

    We need to ensure that the 'new' blower is used with the extension to protect the air-fence from the hot exhaust. We will look at fastening the extension to the blower so that it cannot be seperated.

    Spero introduced a motion to change the name of the club from WMRC to BCMRA. He raised the following points:

    1) Publicity, changing the name will be able to be published in various places.

    2) It is a larger sounding organization.

    There are a lot of steps to go through to change the name of the organization. Legal, financial etc.

    Jason expressed that it would easier to change the name via a DBA which would entail fewer lawyer costs.

    Spero likened it to the AMA which offers benefits to membership outside of racing.

    If there is someone in the membership that would be interested in heading up an effort to change the name it would be great. Norm Hayes took an action to call a notary public about the name change.

    Spero raised some concerns that rider's meetings have been a little disorganized. There should be fewer interruptions during the meeting. it would be better if only 1 or two people were talking.

    Allan mentioned that the exec was working on drawing up checklists for tech, for racers and trackday riders, and also a sheet for riders meeting. Allan is working on the first draft of these checklists.

    Spero also asked if we can get together with the SCCBC to see if we can talk to the custom car club to see if we can change some things at the track. As an example, it would be good to make some changes to the outside of turn 3. Please call Spero (he is on facebook) to discuss in more details.

    Jason mentioned from the previous minutes, he did investigate the Bistro in Port Coquitlam about using it as a venue for our meetings. His finding is that the layout is not quite as good since it doesn't have a private room. It could be noisy, it was dead on a tuesday at 1930. There is no flat rate at this location. It is also too small for the banquet.

    He and Jake attended the meeting to show a presence and introduce themselves to the WMRC. As a prospective member Norm Hayes mentioned that he has a promotions background and would be interested in helping out with the club next year.

    It was mentioned that we had 3 binders for track setup, but currently only one can be located. Can the membership please look for these and return them to the exec.

    The AGM will be held on the 2nd Monday in November, location TBD.

    Motion to adjourn at 2022 by Andrew Marles. 2nd by Jason Hanson.
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    No discussion about the year end banquet? Maybe we should call it a Christmas party.
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    Well, since the cat is out of the bag, I guess I'll open up on the idea of ditching TrackIntel. Yes, I managed to run AMB Orbits software in parallel with TrackIntel this past season. I did this to demonstrate the differences between the two products and IMHO the superiority of Orbits. I think I can safely say that everyone who saw Orbits in action found it to be a superior product. It should be noted that the club already owned the license for Orbits, so there has been no additional cost to the club. That license has been sitting dormant for the past 3 years while I struggled with TrackIntel. I couldn't have managed to run both systems together without help from Cam, so big thanks to him. I'm not going to go into detail with the issues I/we have had with TrackIntel. Their tech support has been top notch. The problem is, we've needed their tech support far too frequently than I would like over the past 3 years.

    So, we run Orbits software but that leaves us with the question of pre-registration. (MSR) is the answer. SCCBC uses it. I've been using it while doing timing for SCCBC. There will be a cost to use it, but there's also been fees associated with using TrackIntel.

    Racers DO NOT have to buy anything new. No new transponders are required. It's AMB through and through. Just the pre-reg will change. Those that took the time and effort to create profiles on TrackIntel will have to do it again on MSR (sorry Spero).

    On a positive note, if we switch to Orbits, we'll have a skookum live timing screen for Ted (he used it once this past season and almost wet himself when he saw it). and I have 3, yes I said 3 options for live timing; AMB offers live timing, Motorsportreg offers live timing and we can also use for live timing. Results get uploaded to AMB at the end of the day and championship points are calculated by Orbits (hopefully we simplify the points scheme over the winter). And lap records. Who would like lap records kept track of?
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    Just to touch on what John has said, from the exposure that I've gotten to TrackIntel, it is not a finished product, and required way too much time on the phone with tech support, and them SSH'd into the laptop via my cell phone's tethering to get things moving on race day. There are some good features, but they are rather unreliable.

    Orbits on the other hand, John was able to go from a fresh install to running live timing for Ted in the tower in a matter of a morning. The transponder and timing loop being the same ensure that our results, race times, and transponders will not be affected.

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