September 11, 2017 General Meeting Minutes

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    In addition to:
    Jason Hanson – President
    Brett Hanson – Treasurer
    Allan Hay – Vice President
    Jay Tait – Promotions
    Pam Black – Secretary
    Andrew Marles – Past President

    Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Jason Hanson

    Minutes from the August general meeting were read by Pam Black. Motion to accept was made by Allan Hay, seconded by Jeremy Karlson.

    Treasurer Report:
    Brett Hanson was pleased to report Our current bank balance as of September 9th was $111,620.85 Costs incurred this month included Ambulance, supplies , and admin fees. Estimated balance after the outstanding payments is $101,196.59

    Our Annual Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, September 30th at 7pm at Jimy Mac’s Pub in Langley. Tickets are available to purchase online and we strongly recommend you get yours asap as we have a limited number available. Please note that a number of our sponsors will be attending as well so this is a great opportunity to say thank you!

    We have been tracking lap records more carefully this season and saw new records set in most classes. Congratulations to everyone for the great racing this year!

    New Business:
    Allan Hay is working on establishing an online catalogue for WMRC swag next year with the intent being that anyone will be to be able to order hat, tshirts, hoodies, etc directly from this catalogue. This will be a time and cost saving solution to the club’s previous efforts to provide items that then go unsold. We will also be working on some new promotional items for next season so stay tuned.

    Reminder to Novice Racers – if you are considering submitting a request to bump to graduated novice, please complete your form prior to our last track day in September. You do require a “check out” on a track day and this is the best opportunity to have this done prior to your race season next year. The form can be found on our website or by contacting Pam Black for a copy. We would prefer this to waiting until next season.

    We have been advised by the SCCBC that the new stands in turn 2 are not safe and will be off limits for our track day on September 16th.

    ** A reminder that our Track Day in September is also our last event for the season and we will have a complete track tear down at the end of the day. Please plan to stay for this so that we can get it done as quickly as possible!

    *** Our October 9th general meeting has been cancelled. Please note that the next WMRC meeting will be our annual AGM on November 13th.

    Allan Hay motioned that the meeting be adjourned at 8:15, seconded by Andrew Marles

    Minutes submitted by Pam Black.

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