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    Hello everyone at the WMRC. After talking to quite a few of you, and after a lot of soul-searching, I have decided to seek nomination for the position of President. This probably comes as a bit of a surprise to many of you. I can definitely say it was a big surprise to me. I apologize for the short notice.

    First, I think that most people don’t know me that well in the club. Mostly I just show up, ride my bike, and try to help out where I can. With regards to my qualifications, I have spent many years as a designer and manager in product development and marketing. I led cross-functional teams of 10-20 developers, often spread across several countries, in the design and production of wireless communications products. During that time I also earned my MBA which has given me a solid foundation of business experience that eventually allowed me to start my own technology consulting firm two years ago. This currently gives me a lot of flexibility in my schedule to pursue my other interests, which for me is mainly racing motorcycles. I believe that I can bring a new level of professionalism to the club, and work with everyone to build consensus and overcome the obstacles that are facing us.

    I think everyone can agree that there are currently two sides in the WMRC right now. I hope that people can see that I have no agenda other than trying to make the WMRC run more smoothly, attract new racers, and try to improve our relationship with the SCCBC so that we can get more and better dates.

    To improve communication within the club, I intend to implement a communication plan that will be published along with the rest of the clubs documents. This plan will spell out exactly how the club will handle rulebook changes, the content of meeting minutes, and the announcement of any events or other changes. This plan will describe where and how this information will be communicated to the membership. It should help to streamline the process of disseminating information, and limit the ad-hoc nature of the club’s communications which are currently spread across the forum, Facebook, and sometimes the front page of the website. I see the rulebook as one of the key documents for the club, and would make sure that the communication plan included deadlines for the rulebook committee that allows the membership to know as soon as possible about any ratified changes. With any form of communication within the club, we need to keep in mind that anything posted on a public forum is inherently a form of marketing for the club and the communication plan will help ensure that we promote a consistent and positive image.

    The other major issue facing the club is the drop in membership in the big bike classes. When I look at this problem in marketing terms, I see the WMRC at a massive competitive disadvantage relative to WMRRA. I have spoken with some of the most dedicated racers that I have ever met at the WMRC about why they stopped coming and why they go to the Ridge. Invariably, the issues that are brought up are the sound, the tight track, and the cost. None of those issues are under our control, with the possible exception of cost.

    Instead I think that the WMRC needs to re-focus and capitalize on two key markets where we actually have a competitive advantage. The first is small bore bikes. We have already had great success with the 250 class, and the new models being introduced should allow us to attract even more riders. This class also has the unique advantage that riders can share track time with GMR which is very important for attracting and retaining riders when we are only able to get so few race dates every year. Plans have already started to allow us to bring even more riders out from GMR, and I intend to see those plans completed.

    The second market that we need to focus on is rider training. We need to expand the nature of the club so that it is not just about racing but also about helping other riders to improve in a non-competitive environment. We need to find ways to work more closely with the West Coast Superbike School and other groups in the lower mainland so that we can bring riders out to WMRC events that aren’t necessarily racers. Some examples of this that have been proposed in the past are having suspension and riding clinics during WMRC practice days, or even bringing NRS and ART into the WMRC if WCSS is unable to run their program.

    These are the main areas that I would focus on while also working with the executive to ensure that we improve our promotions efforts and work to attract more vendors to our events. I would ensure that we have a professional and polished show with good announcing and a tight schedule. In the past we have had good success with students from local colleges. I also think we need to consider how to utilize professional promotions while balancing the financial risk. But the most important thing that I want to accomplish for the membership is to be inclusive and reinforce the welcoming and friendly atmosphere that I personally enjoy about the WMRC. I look forward to seeing everyone at the AGM.
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