SCCBC Work Party -March 1

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    The Sport Car Club is planning a work party at the track. It would be great if some of our WMRC members were able to give some time and help out.
    Here are the details:

    Date: Saturday 1 Mar 2014
    Time: 8 am
    Where: at the track

    We would appreciate any one who can come out and pitch in with some of our projects.
    Of course you will be given track credits for your efforts, a free lunch, and lots of thanks.
    **I would ask that you email myself if you think you will be coming out. This will help us to plan the projects and lunch etc
    If you want to bring any tools or equipment out such as rakes, shovels, power tools, etc, that would be helpful. We have some, but probably not enough for every one.

    Some things that we plan to work on are:

    1. Tire Walls. Assist Paul Higgins. Build some more tire bundles and straighten Turn 2.

    (10+ people needed )

    2. Grandstands. Assist Rod Davison. Replace some boards, pressure wash, etc.
    (2-4 people needed )

    3.General cleanup. Paddock area and track where needed. Keith Robinson has a pretty good idea of where work is required.
    (4-6 people needed )

    So come out, have some fun with your fellow club members, break a sweat, and enjoy a free lunch and some race credits for your efforts.

    Come anytime you like. You do not need to stay all day, or come at 8 am. If you can only spare 4 hours or even 2, it all helps.

    Tim Rosche

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