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    As requested I would like to detail a bit about myself and my hopes to be on the executive again in 2015. I've raced with the club since 2008 and I've loved every moment of it. Last year I was able to join Scott and the other executives and work for the club as secretary. I also did a bit of work with promotions, updating the website and Facebook; helping to try and promote the club and its events like the banquet and the night of champions. I also spent a bunch of time putting together the slides for the banquet. I also was asked to work as the expert rider representative during race events. As a guy who doesn't particularly enjoy confrontation this was a bit daunting but I relied on the fact that I know many of you and tried to be as honest and understanding as possible while making sure that the importance of on track safety was recognized. Luckily there weren't too many reasons for me to talk to riders.
    I also helped with learning the new computer system and helping with the race day morning registration.

    In 2015 I hope to continue working on the executive. I learned a lot about the running of the club last year and I feel I will be able to use that experience to continue helping next year.
    I feel the secretary position is a good fit for myself, one in that I have already spent a year learning the position, two that it works well with my knowledge of computers, and three that the repsonabilities fit well with the time that available to me with having two young children.

    I feel I bring the voice of the average, common rider and I have no personal agenda besides volunteering to help the club and try my best to help the club grow. I feel We need to bring as much value and enjoyment as possible to the local racer. We need to encourage others to come out and race, but to also to feel a part of the wmrc -we need people to take interest, have a feeling of ownership in the club, that the wmrc is not just a place to race but their race club.

    If I'm not elected I will take my ball and go home. Actually, it changes nothing other than I will have more time to help jac with the kids and more time available for myself on race days.
    Looking forward to what 2015 brings :)

    Vote Pedro! Err.. Jaybo.
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