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    Could a mod maybe make this a sticky?

    Could I ask that there be a new thread for each proposal? It will be almost impossible to navigate through all of the proposals and multiple conversations in one thread.

    I would also suggest that the person posting either refer to an existing section of the rulebook (with paragraph reference), or suggest which paragraph it goes under. Suggestion should also state the desired outcome (increased participation, closer competition, safety). Your perceived pros/cons should also be included. This way, when the rulebook committee meets, we can discuss each proposal and include the committee's recommendation on the topic.

    For example, a thread would look something like this:

    Rulebook change - Chapter 4, Number plate requirements

    Paragraph 4.4 be amended as follows:

    The front and side number platesnumber plate on all machinery entered in WMRC events may not be angled more than 30 degrees from vertical.

    Purpose - Improve safety to more easily identify machines as they pass timing/scoring

    Pro - Easier for John Cathie to see bikes as they go by, quicker identification of bikes with hazardous condition

    Con - May necesitate putting numbers on sides of bikes which are then difficult to read when bike is leaned over.

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