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    We made it through another race weekend! It’s important that we take a moment to thank everyone who travelled near and far for attending another great Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club event. Everything went quite well -even the weather cooperated!

    First and foremost putting on these weekends is a lot of work and we can’t thank enough the volunteers that came out to help us race. We were very lucky to get just enough people to put on this event; These people took time out of their days to brave the hot sun to help us race. We couldn’t have done this event without the help of people like Pam, Sharon, Jacalyn, Nathan, Ron, Austin, Jayson, Andew, Joseph, John & Keith. They really deserve a big thank you from every single racer! We always need more help -if you know someone that can help please bring them out.

    We are very lucky to have had to an excellent announcing team in Ted Shannon (from the tower) and Paul Ludwig (from the track side). These guys really know their stuff and it shows.

    At lunch on Sunday the selfless Bernie Ryan completed his always enjoyable track walk which of course was a huge hit with the kids.

    The racing action right from the novice class up to the Formula Ultra class was tight and intense, yet safe, with only minimal incidents and delays. The always popular Mark “Kramer” Kruger came out to race with us again and he, Jay Tait, & Dave Vu showed everyone just how fast a 250 Gold Cup bike can really go. Spero Benias, Dean Drolet, James Nadonly and Scott Borthwick all had great rides as well and topped their races.

    Also of note was Kyle De Viet graduating from novice to graduated novice, Jeff Pinkster graduating to expert and Quentin Cyre, a new expert racer who had a great weekend and posted some very impressive times.

    We'd also like to thank the new racers who came out to race with us this past weekend. The club can't grow without new racers joining the ranks and it was great to see some new faces!

    The final rounds of the 2014 WMRC season will be held on September 27th & 28th. As an extra incentive to come and race, double points will be awarded for these rounds. Once again we STRONGLY encourage everyone to use the new system and pre-register as this will help things move more quickly in the morning.

    We hope to see all of you there!
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