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    This weekend we are going to try doing registration for the entire weekend on Saturday. This meens that you will be able to register and pay for both Saturday and
    Sundays races on Saturday morning.

    If you pay for both days on Saturday, then on Sunday morning you will only have to walk up to registration, show Gail your Saturday tech slip (marked Paid for both days), sign the waiver and then see John Cathie to ensure you are registered in the computer correctly. No standing in line waiting for the Credit Card machine.

    On a secondary note, we are also going to try a 2 day wrist band this week. You will be able to pay Amy $20 per person at the gate (or show your WMRC gate pass) and get a weekend wrist band. You will be required to sign the waiver both days, at the gate and again at registration if you are riding.

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