Registration and rule book discrepancy?

Discussion in 'Racing at Mission' started by bsa_414, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Maybe I am missing something, but the online reg. form does not quite follow the rulebook. We have middleweight twins, and heavyweight twins on the form but there is no entry for those classes in the rulebook. From what I gather BOTT is now MWT/HWT and the same rules apply. Also we have Formula 3 listed in the classes but there is no F3 on the reg. form, and according to the race schedule, F3 is not pooled in with any other class.

    In any case, I guess we'll sort it all out after we see what kind of bikes show up on the grid for these classes.

    alex (who just clicked some random boxes on the pre-reg form :) )
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    F3 is still listed as a class, however, there are no F3 bikes left in the club that can pass sound to run it. Mostly F3 is GP based 2 strokes, and we've not had anyone even register for F3 in 3 years now. Also, you need a minimum of 5 bikes for 8 races to be called a class. If you can find a minimum of 5 bikes with a commitment for all 8 rounds to run F3, I'll put it back on the pre-reg forms.

    We are still splitting MWT and HWT from a scoring perspective, but will be running them in a single grid, so we just called it BOTT in the rulebook. Same rules apply to both classes.
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