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    Honda Centre Racing has an Associate Member program that strives to help competitors get Race Ready - Call Duncan for details-604-293-1022 -toll free-1-866-299-1022.

    Honda Centre Racing is the support team within the Honda Centre that works to support competitive motorcycle racing in British Columbia.

    Not everyone can be a Honda Centre Racing supported rider so, we created an associate member program to help you. We are CBR250R centric but, we support all racers and brands.

    To apply for membership you must have competition license or in the case of road racing be scheduled to take a racing certification course .

    If you meet these requirements Honda Centre Racing will supply you with a Honda Centre Racing, Associate Membership Card. This card will provide you with discounts on race accessories and tires. The amount of these varies depending on the support programs of our major suppliers.

    You will be required to display the brand logo for products you purchase in this manner on your equipment and can voluntarily display the Honda Centre Racing logo. You will need to sign a waiver and confidentiality agreement.

    The Honda Centre does reserves the right to ask anyone to remove its logo at Honda Centre Racing’s sole discretion.

    This program is not just for road racers, we do it on the dirt and ice as well.

    How to Apply: Call Duncan and give him your info or e-mail :

    We will need your Name. address, telephone number, e-mail, licensing body, competition #, the series you participate in and the bike you ride.

    If you are new to the sport we will need proof that you are registered with an accredited training school racing program

    If you wish you can also send an action picture that we may use.

    Participating partners for this program include Joe Rocket, Alpinestars, Motovan (most items in catalog), Parts Canada (most items in catalog), Pirelli and, Honda Canada, SatoRacing, RoadCraft, Chicken Hawk ( Tire Warmers) with more to come.

    The brands represented from these distributers offer absolutely the best choice in product and quality

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