Quality Race Leather Repairs in Vancouver

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    :) Hi everyone; Here is a heads up for anyone looking to get their Race Leathers or Riding Gear Repaired in Vancouver,

    This is a great small shop just off Oak Street and 67th Avenue that does the best sewing and leather repair work including shoe repair that I have ever seen,

    I have sent several of our fellow WMRC Riders their for repairs to their riding gear and they were very happy with the work and the costs.

    If you have any bad seams, rips, tears of damage you wondered how you would ever fix this is the place to go.

    owners name is Sam, the shop is Sam Shoe Repair, The address is 1035 67 Ave, (@ Oak Street).

    Drop off your Leathers, tell Sam that you are a friend of Blair, and he will do your work, probably in one or two days tops, and give you a very reasonable price,.

    If you need any help getting the leathers to Sam during the work day, you can drop them off with me in the evening or on the weekend and I will get them to Sam and be happy to help you out,

    Email me Directly at b.layton@svracingparts.com No PM Please if you need or want any help at all,

    Best regards all,

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