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    Hi all, hope you're bikes are all tittled up and ready to haul ass this upcoming weekend!

    So I'm officially putting out the call for some volunteer help to man the BBQ's and/or take cash during our saturday lunch hour only.

    We do have food and drink services available for Friday and Sunday but not on Saturday.

    So what we'll need

    -Bigger BBQ's would be great since me and Alex can only fit in our smaller Costco BBQ's
    -Your best Burger flipping utensils
    -and the ability to take cash

    I going to prep all the burgers and fixings we'll need but I need help to man the BBQ's

    So far our good friend Alex Dumitru has accepted to man the Q but I he can't do this on his own.

    If I do not meet a minimum of 4 people to help out than the deal is off and food service will only be available outside of the track.

    If you can help please email me at wmrcpromotions@gmail.com

    See you at the track!!

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