Pit Bull Tire Tree, One Only, Save over $100

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    :) HI Everyone, I have one only, Pit Bull Tire Tree, Holds Four Wheels and Tires,

    I have the Pit Bull Tire Tree Stand at my Pit Race Weekends, it is very effective for moving and managing your spare tires,

    Really Excellent if you have several riders at your Pit with Spare Tires,

    Email me directly for it b.layton@svracingparts.com

    Regular $360 Plus Shipping and Taxes, this one is $260 All In, Save over $100

    This was going to be my personal stand, but I only use the one set of Marchesini wheels now, so the benefits go to you. Several members have these stands and love them. They are great,

    Holds 4 tires and warmers,

    Folds up compact and quite flat, I just strap it to the wall of my trailer,


    One only, Pick up from me anytime.

    Email me for it at b.layton@svracingparts.com

    Enjoy the ride and best regards,
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