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    :) I have One Only of the Racer Designed, XT Racing, Ultra -Lap Timer -Receiver Units in stock and ready to ship to you,

    Brand New in Package with Full Warranty,

    Email me Directly for it at

    $189.99 All in, Shipped Free Direct to your Door anywhere in Western Canada,

    All Costs already included in the price.

    Racer Designed, XT Ultra-Lap Timer Receiver and Display

    Simple consistent, 4-button user interface

    * Extra-large, bold lap times are 0.6" (15mm) in height for easy visibility
    * Unique "auto turn-on" feature "turn it on and forget it" turn it on first thing on the morning of a race day and never worry about missing a lap again. The unit will auto turn-off but will automatically turn back on when it crosses the transmitter beam.
    * Auto power-down for extended battery life
    * At the end of a lap, a flashing green or red light indicates a faster or slower lap than the previous.
    * Accurate to 1/100 second per lap
    * Store approximately 2,000 laps/split times for many this is a full season of racing

    Each stored lap contains the following information:

    * Time of the lap, accurate to 1/100 second
    * Date and time of the lap
    * The track (or other identification) of the lap
    * A unique session identifier (to differentiate each race or practice session)
    * An indication if was the best lap of that session

    Extensive customization via easy-to-use English menus:

    * Laps per race/session: 1-99 or do not count (lap countdown)
    * Minimum lap time: 1-250 seconds
    * Lap hold time (time the lap display is frozen at the end of a lap): 1-250 seconds
    * Display contrast/brightness setting: 31 levels
    * Enter name of track or other identification (stored with each lap): up to 12 characters
    * Option to display, at end of race, the first lap of session, the last lap of session or the fastest lap of session
    * Enable or disable the green/red flashing LED
    * Auto turn-off time: 1-30 minutes
    * Enable or disable the auto-turn-on feature
    * Easily set the current date and time
    * Enter 1 or 2 lines of personalization information: up to 20 characters per line
    * Quick deletion of all stored laps
    * Device reset to factory settings

    Device can be personalized with 2 lines of data: e.g.,

    Your Name: SV Racing Parts
    Your Contact information:

    This information shows up on the main screen so if the unit is misplaced, its owner can be identified

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