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    General Meeting
    October 13th, 2014 at 6.30 p.m.
    Ricky’s Restaurant, Langley, BC


    Scott Borthwick, President
    Jayson Lynch, Treasurer
    Jason Hanson, Secretary

    11 members

    President Scott Borthwick called the meeting to order at 6.35 p.m.

    2. MINUTES
    ) That the Minutes of the WMRC meeting held on September 8th
    ( 2014, be accepted.

    3. FINANCIAL REPORT – Jayson Lynch

    The final race weekend in September we had $9,155.00 in race entries, $1,236.00 at the gate for a total of $10,391.00.
    The debits for the final weekend were $15,600.00 for a loss of $5,209.00
    The club's bank account balance is currently has $17,855.00
    There is a deposit of $2,631.00 to be made to the account.
    Cheques that have been issued but not yet cashed:
    $286.00 to Track Intelligence
    $700.00 for radio rentals
    $3,327 for the ambulance service
    $600.00 for the security guard
    We have not received an invoice for the generator rental yet.
    We have not been billed for the year end trophies yet.

    The bank account balance on Oct. 15th, 2013 was $26,740.00

    This year the club operated with almost no sponsorship this year, only the 250 Gold Cup and the Moto-TT class were sponsored. The club will be paying 100% the trophies this year. This itself is almost a loss of around $10,000.00
    The account numbers are not what we hoped for at the end of the season but it’s still better than it has been in the last few years. These numbers are not a surprise and the executives were aware and have been working towards plans for next year and making new strategies to improve the clubs finances, the club is currently self sustaining and this is markedly different than only a few years ago.

    The year end banquet is coming up. It will be held on Saturday, October 18th at the Newlands Gold & Country club. Currrently tickets sales are poor; the only room we could book holds 100 and we have only sold approximately 45 tickets. At present the club expects a loss of approximately $2,000.00 to hold the banquet.
    Everyone is encouraged to attend reminded the banquet is not just for the racers. everyone is invited, please bring your family, friends, neighbours -anyone we need to try and minimize these loses.

    Scott explained that there are new financial strategies already in place for next year, ones that will make the club even more financially sound and if successful will bring more value for the racers. These plans will be detailed at the AGM set for November 10th.

    Next meeting is the AGM where the executives for next year will be chosen.

    There was a lengthy discussions about why it is so difficult to operate the race club. The club has a lot of things going against it varying from the economy, the high overhead costs, the weather, setup and teardown and the limited selection of race dates that are available. The executive always tries to bring the biggest value for it’s membership. While operations are currently are up in the air due to the looming AGM election it was mentioned the current executives are working on plans for next year. As well the sports car club executive is in flux with their own elections and there may be new challenges in getting our race dates.

    Scott will be running for president again and Jason will be running for a position as well.

    There was a discussion about the WMRC operating race rounds at other tracks, perhaps at The Ridge. Current president Scott Borthwick had attended a day at The Ridge this year and had spoken to WMRRA executives about our operations and even the possiblity of running dates there and it was determined that it was far to difficult to consider. It was generally considered easier to actually run dates in Edmonton than in the United States.

    The question was raised about the Westcoast Superbike School and their plans for 2015. There has been no official word yet on their plans. Currently there are only three people in BC are accredited to license racers -Troy, Gio and Scott. We are waiting for more information. The club does accept licenses from other race schools.

    There was a discussion about about doing more promotions through the Pitt Meadows track days to try and help get more racers, volunteers and spectators. The Pitt Meadows Track Day organizers with Spero's help had already been promoting the club in their riders meeting but perhaps more could be done.

    There was another general discussion regarding the membership and their issues, problems and complaints. It was felt that all race clubs have similar problems, most of which are centered around available track time and value for the racers money. It was felt that when comparing the WMRC and the PCMRC the WMRC is considered the "big" club. To race with the WMRC race fees are more expensive, racers generally spend more on their equipment and as such are more "serious" about the competition, thus it's felt that these racers feel that they can demand more.

    4. PROMOTIONS REPORT –Bruce Aylen
    not present

    the next meeting will be held on Monday, November 10th and AGM will be held then.

    Scott ) Jason That the meeting for the WMRC be adjourned at 8.00pm
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    I will post one question to both people running for presidency this year. This one on this thread is for Scott, I will also post the same question to Tony in his.
    Both candidates are speaking of " plans for next year" that will improve the clubs fortunes. I would ask that both of you spell out what those plans are before the AGM so everyone has time to analyze those ideas and can make an informed decision and ask for clarification(s) before voting.

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    :w/stupid: I would like to see this too.
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    I like the way you you use emoticons to call Marbod stupid. Jay for President!

    Never mind me, I'm just trolling......................

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