Novice Setup/Teardown Volunteer requirements

Discussion in 'Rule Book Proposals' started by Andrew Marles, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Currently, Novices are required to participate in at least one setup and teardown in order to fulfil their graduation requirements. While I think it is important for everyone to help with track setup, I think this requirement can be counter-productive. I know that I have often seen racers show up, get signed off, and then I never see them at setup again. Conversely, we have racers that show up almost every time to help and they get little recognition for it. I think we should drop the novice requirement and try to come up with a more effective way to spread the load of setup and teardown and move away from the idea that once you graduate from Novice you don't need to help anymore.

    I still think that novices should be required to marshall so that they can learn how things work from the trackside perspective.

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