Novice rules question?

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    7.1 Novice
    • The purpose of this class is to give the beginning racer track experience under racing conditions.
    • 2 10 lap races per day for Open Novice
    • All types of racing motorcycles are allowed provided they conform to the rules in Chapter 5.
    • Machines whose PRIMARY CLASS is Middleweight Superbike, Middleweight twins, 250 production, lightweight supersport , lightweight twins and Formula Classic are restricted to running their respective classes instead of the open Novice class.
    • Machines whose PRIMARY CLASS is 600 supersport, Open Supersport, Superbike or Formula Ultra are restricted to running the open Novice class. Formula Classic eligible machinery is exempt from this restriction.
    • Non-Open Novice class machines may only enter Open Novice under the direction of the Race Director and/or the Competition Committee.

    What is a primary class? I interpret these rules to show I run in formula classic (88 CBR600) instead of novice open. Can somebody clarify? Thank you. Sean
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    Hi Sean, since your Hurricane is a Formula Classic eligible bike FC will be your primary class and MWSB will be your bump class

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