November 2014 General Meeting/AGM minutes

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    General Meeting
    Nov.10th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
    Ricky’s Restaurant, Langley, BC


    Scott Borthwick, President
    Jason Hanson, Secretary
    Jayson Lynch, Treasurer
    Mike Thompson, vice president

    40 people present

    President Scott Borthwick called the meeting to order at 7.12pm

    2. FINANCIAL REPORT – Jayson Lynch
    The current bank account balance is $12, 097.26
    The club lost approximately $1,500.00 on the banquet, one of the reasons for which was that the rental costs more than was expected as there extra costs, which we are still trying have them itemized.
    We have outstanding payables for the radio rental from the last round as well as the security.

    3. PROMOTIONS REPORT –Bruce Aylen


    There was a discussion regarding the stolen items from the previous race round. Blair’s generator and a suitcase were found to have been removed overnight..
    The perception is that the security company is providing a security service but unfortunately that is not true, the actual reality of the matter is that we have a gate keeper. He is simply fulfilling our insurance requirements as per our rental contact. they are only there to man the gate and insure that it can be opened for emergencies services. They not do security patrols.
    Blair was hoping that they were actually managing the security of the gate and monitoring the cars that were coming and going. Everyone that entered should’ve been asked to sign the waiver, however it’s noted that criminals generally don’t use real names and most of the information on the waiver form is illegible.
    It was suggested that there are homeless people living at the river, that may have been involved.
    It was asked if a search had been completed of the pits. An organized search of all the participants’ vehicles and trailers had not been completed.

    That the meeting for the WMRC be adjourned at 7:26 p.m.
    Motion to adjourn, accepted by Blair and seconded by Tony Cook

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    Dec 28, 2005
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    Annual General Meeting
    November 10, 2014 at 7:27 p.m.
    Ricky’s Restaurant, Langley, BC

    40 members

    1. CALL TO ORDER – Dean Drolet

    Called the meeting to order at 7:27 p.m.
    The minutes of the previous AGM of November 4th 2013 were read by Jason and accepted by Blair and seconded by Kelly.

    Bez gave a brief report that promotions did not gather much in the way of sponsorship and the club paid for all trophies this year unlike in the past.
    Jason gave a brief report on the use of social media this year. The website content was update throughout the year and there was more done regarding the use of Facebook and local websites to help inform people and promote the club. It was believed that this was beneficial in helping to bring more volunteers to the events.

    3. 2013 YEAR-END FINANCIAL REPORT – Jayson Lynch

    Current bank balance = $12,097.26
    Bank balance on Nov 1, 2013 = $22,897.82
    Net loss this year = $10,800.56
    Total revenue since Nov 1st, 2013 - $87,209.00

    Track Rental - $24,360.00
    Radios – $3,343.95 (this includes $683.95 for our attempt at using our own radios, and $700.00 for a misplaced invoice from 2013 for Paragon Communications.)
    Hay Bales - $1,608.32 (still waiting for a Smithrite invoice for the bale disposal)
    Ambulance - $11,329.40 (includes 1 late invoice for Sept 29th, 2013, invoice arrived after last Novembers meeting)
    Banquet Costs - $5,075.12
    Trophies - $2,653.35 (includes WCC trophies and the shipping of trophies to Alberta.)
    Bike Show - $1,660.00
    Printing Costs - $3,018.40
    Insurance - $6,265.00
    Track side Catering - $818.51
    Gate Security - $1,890.00 (includes an estimate for September round costs as we have not yet been invoiced)
    Track Intel - $1,366.00 - an estimated amount for payments, as we have not been invoiced yet.

    4. Vote for the proposed amendment to the club’s bylaws to allow for proxy voting.

    There was a discussion given regarding allowing a change to the club's bylaws to allow for proxy voting, there were two suggestions on how to allow for proxy voting, Possibily using a system that was similar to absentee voting using mailed blind ballots which would also involve changing the nomination process to not allow floor nominations, all parties interested in running for positions would have be declared in advance of the election.
    There was a suggestion of a system similar to what is used in strata proxy votes where a form is completed by two members which if accepted would allow the attending member the ability to vote on the
    A vote was held and the majority of those present voted against the proposal to allow proxy voting.

    5. ELECTION – Dean Drolet.
    All elected positions below received nominations from the floor and are for a one year term:

    2015 Vice President, Jason Hanson
    Jason hanson nominated by Ryan Whittle, seconded by Brett Hanson
    Alex Dumitru, nominated by Andre Draschinski, seconded by Tony Cook
    A vote was held in favour of Jason Hanson

    2015 President, Andrew Marles
    Andrew Marles Nominated by Rob Schoemeyer, seconded by scott borthwck
    Brett Hanson Nominated by Ryan Whittle, seconded by Andrew Marles
    Tony Cook nominated by Andre Drachinski, seconded by Blair Layton
    A vote was held in favour of Andrew Marles

    2015 Treasurer, Brett Hanson
    Brett hanson, Nominated by Jayson Lynch, seconded by Scott Borthwick
    Lu Veneziano, Nominated by Tony Cook, seconded by Blair Layton
    A vote was held in favour of Brett Hanson

    2015 Secretary, Pam Black
    Pam Black nominated by Rob Schoemeyer, seconded by Andrew Marles
    Andrew marles, nominated by Ryan Whittle, seconded by Stephen Addison
    Blair Layton, nominated by seconded
    A vote was held in favour of Pam Black

    2015 Promotions Director, George Fillis
    Bez Cajee nominated by Ryan whittle, seconded by Andrew Marles
    George Fillis by Lu Veneziano, seconded by Kelly Bell
    A vote was held in favour of George Fillis

    Promotions will include one additional position to be appointed by the 2015 Executive.

    John Cathie, Rob Schoemeyer

    That the Annual General Meeting of the WMRC be adjourned at CARRIED
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