November 13, General meeting minutes

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    In addition to:
    Jason Hanson – President
    Brett Hanson – Treasurer
    Allan Hay – Vice President
    Jay Tait – Promotions
    Pam Black – Secretary
    Andrew Marles – Past President

    Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Jason Hanson

    Minutes from the September general meeting were read by Pam Black. Motion to accept was made by Allan Hay, seconded by Andrew Marles. (October meeting was cancelled this year)

    Treasurer Report:
    Brett Hanson reported our current bank balance as of November 4 was $106,791.55 Costs incurred this month included bank fees, hay bale disposal, banquet, awards, and September track rental. Outstanding is payment for BC Ambulance, with an estimated balance after the outstanding payment, of $104,792.00

    Our Annual Awards Banquet was a great success. Thank you to all who attended and congratulations again to all.
    We have booked our spot for the 2018 Bike Show, running from January 19-21. We will be in need of volunteers in the booth, so if you are interested, please forward your availability to

    New Business:
    John Cathie suggested that if our general meeting directly follows a race weekend, we try to hold the meeting at the track on the Saturday night. This will be discussed further with the 2018 executive.

    Nick Goodall asked if we have a concussion protocol in place. There was further discussion on this, and the membership was reminded that all racers that crash on the track MUST report to the ambulance, no exceptions. The 2018 executive will review this with the operations team to develop a more formal communication with the paramedics on site to verify that all riders are, in fact, attending the ambulance after an incident.

    Joseph Therrien advised that Al Cruikshank mentioned that the SCCBC is working on their dates and that we should be contacting them asap for availability. The 2018 exec will reach out the SCCBC immediately following the AGM to work on establishing our race dates.

    Al Hay reported that Spartan Security has offered to accommodate us again next season, at the same rates as 2017.

    We have 3 pieces of airfence that will be taken to GH Checkpoint for repair over the next few weeks.

    SCCBC has advised us that our third trailer must be repaired, replaced, or removed prior to next season. This needs to be addressed before the first race of the season, so options will be reviewed. At this point, it is in such disrepair that it is not able to be towed anywhere to be worked on.

    There was a comment that we had a shortage of radios on race days. The operations team and executive will look at options for the upcoming season to see if we can increase the number of radios available.

    Allan Hay motioned that the meeting be adjourned at 7:40, seconded by Jay Tait

    Minutes submitted by Pam Black.

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