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    In going through race numbers, the executive would like to note a new policy will be in effect. Race numbers that are not used for 2 years in an active racing mode will go back into the pool of numbers for those racers who are active with the club. An active racer is defined as one who has completed at least 4 of the 6 rounds in a typical season, and not a racer who does practice days. The notion of “retired for life” numbers has been carefully considered, and the WMRC will recognize those individuals who have changed the face of Canadian racing as members of our club. As a result the WMRC will retire #14 Steve Crevier, and #99 Tom Walther, will be retired from the roster due to their outstand contributions to Canadian and US racing. All other numbers that are inactive will return to the pool for assignment to active racers. The WMRC executive has decided to do this so that there will always be a number of active 2 digit numbers available to active club racers. Retiring numbers based on past contributions to the club, while nice, does not serve the interests of the club moving forward and growing.

    The WMRC would like to recognize past contributions from presidents by continuing to offer a complimentary race license and membership to these fine individuals. Without your work in the past, we would not be as strong and successful as we are today!

    2008 WMRC Executive

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