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Discussion in 'General Racing Chat' started by Marbod, Jun 24, 2014.

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    I've been talking to a lot of racers and ex-racers that come to my shop and an often repeated comment I hear is a wish for another class like Sportsman but for people who are a bit quicker than that class's 1:18 minimum laptime. After putting on my Rules Committee head hat and questioning them a bit more and gauging their real interest with supporting such a class if it came to be by actually entering I have concluded there ARE enough people willing to enter such a class.
    Here are the proposed rules:
    Championship class, points and trophies awarded.
    10 lap race.
    Class is run to Formula rules and open to any motorcycle.
    Laptimes to be no faster than 1:15.00 and no slower than 1:20.99(with Open class bikes allowed, the closing rate between a slowly ridden S1000RR and a really fast Ninja 250 would be just too great).
    No Laptimers(this WILL be enforced, if you have a laptimer on bike on grid, you will not be scored).
    No Speros-sorry, buddy-(or any other really fast racers). Class is not meant for front running Experts to sandbag a class for easy wins. Club reserves the right to deny entry based on past performance.
    I'm tentatively thinking of putting the race on in place of the Women's Open race scheduled for ~3:35 in the afternoon(we've had no race so far this year due to lack of interest, if that changes we will reinstate the Women's Open race elsewhere in the day or keep running it combined w Novice Open as it is now scheduled.

    Please give me your feedback regarding this. Currently there are 7 people that have committed to running this class, I'm hoping to have as many more as possible, let's make this happen. I'm committing to sponsoring this class to give the WMRC a few more well needed $.
    I am open to names for the class. Personally, I've thought of TT Open but by no means is that set in stone. MotoTT???
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    I would certainly run this class (or lend my bike to a certain Pirelli tire vendor). I like MotoTT or F15. Even F One Five could work.

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