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Discussion in 'Volunteer!' started by Georgie G, Nov 27, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I need to get some of your personal favorite racing photos sent my way. These photos will be used in our promotional packages, race event program, and possibly posted on our website.

    As many of you know the bike show is on its way and I would like to ask our membership for help first before looking elsewhere, here goes.

    We need: Fold-able tables, table covers, fold-able chairs, TV/monitors, TV stands, sound, carpet, carpet underlay, back lighting, volunteers to man the trade show, race bikes to go on display, and possibly one of those leg lamps that was in the Christmas story...just kidding. We are currently trying to source out these things, but it's always nice to see what kind of goodies others may have.


    Please send any information to

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